Corfu is surrounded by several small and inhabited islands and by few islands full of tourism during the summer season.
All these islands near Corfu represent a marvellous destination for daily trips or longer stay.
The most relevant islands that are placed near Corfu are:
- South to Corfu island: there are PAXI and ANTIPAXI
- North-west: DIAPONTIA islands that are 3 small islands not far from Corfu
(Othoni, Mathraki and Erikoussa)
- North to Corfu town: VIDO island and
- South to Corfu town: the small island of PONTIKONISI.


Placed few kilometers far from the north-west coast of Corfu island, the Diapontia islands represent a Mediterranean Paradise still far from massive tourism. Diapontia islands consist of 3 small islets with a distance between 2 and 7 marine miles from the coast of Corfu.
There are few persons who live permanently there, in small and picturesque villages.
In Diapontian islands there are no tourist structures except some family complex of apartments or simple rooms.
The Mediterranean nature there is still wild and several lonely sandy beaches offer privacy and quiet even during the high season.
This is actually a perfect spot for people who are planning to go on Corfu holidays as it offers a tranquil and serene atmosphere ideal for relaxation.
The Diapontian islands, that are administrated by Corfu town, are the right place for a daily trip to escape the tourism during July and August.
During all the summer it is possible to reach Diapontia islands by a regular ferryboat service from Corfu town or from the tourist villages of Sidari and A. Stefanos.


This is the southern island of the Diapontia and the smallest one.
Mathraki is surrounded by many rocks so is not easy to reach it and for this reason it’s the most isolated one, even if it’s only 2 nautical miles far from Corfu island.
Inside Mathraki there is a single road that connects the area near the sea in the north, called Ano Mathraki, with the area on the hill in the south, called Kato Mathraki.

From this main road that covers the entire island start different paths that lead to isolated bays and small beaches, as well as to a pair of small harbors where the fishing boats are moored.
The western coast is characterized by cliffs while the eastern coast offers the most beautiful sandy beach of the island.
The sand of this beach is very fine and red and the sea is not deep.
Walking along the road and then

up on the hill you can reach the only village composed from a bit more than two houses…
Then the road goes down toward the sea running alongside of the east coast of the island until catching up the port in the north where there is the ferry that connects Mathraki to Corfu and Othoni.
Regarding the tourist facilities there are two or three taverns and few lodgings close to the port.


Erikousa is the northern one of Diapondia islands.
With its round shape and about 100 inhabitants it offers you two large and beautiful beaches: Porto bay and Fiki bay.
Erikousa island is mostly flat and has many sandy beaches ideal for families with small children.

Inside the island you can find several paths through the nature and 6 small villages: Tandoulis, Paliokaliva, Soukia, Porta, Dendra and Gitonies.


Othoni island is the western point of the entire Greece and is the biggest one of the Diapontia islands(about 6 km wide and about 3,6 km long).
Othoni has many hills and some of them are 400 meters above the sea level.
There are many villages but most of them are inhabited only during the summer.
The ferryboats that come from Corfu will take you to the port of Ammo, inside a large and beautiful bay in the south coast of Othoni.
From the port of Ammo there are different unpaved roads that cover all the rest of the island.
Othoni has many white sandy beaches and the famous cave of Kalipso.


Vido, also called Ptichia, is a small islet placed in front of Corfu town, just 1200 meters far.
Getting by ferry the port of Corfu, you can see Vido on your right.
If you want to reach Vido you have to go to the old port of Corfu town, where you can find small boats daily service for the islet.
The boat leaves every hour and it takes less then ten minutes to arrive to Vido.
The cost for the ticket is 2 euro.
In ancient times Vido was a French fortress, which later passed under the English empire.

Today the island of Vido offers a restaurant, a Serbian monument that commemorates the Serbs fallen during the first world war and a lighthouse to help ships entering the port.
Vido has also two different beaches and a walk path that runs along the entire island.


This small island is located exactly between Corfu town and the bay of Gouvia, in front of Kontokali village.
Smaller than Vido, Lazareto island has its name from Lazzaretto (contagious disease hospital) of Corfu island during the ancient time.
Today the island of Lazareto is considered “national monument” to commemorate the partisans killed during the Second World War.


Pontikonisi is a very small island placed a little bit south from Corfu town, just in front of the airport and Halkiopoulos lagoon.
To reach Pontikonisi you have to take a local boat that leaves from the small pear next to the monastery of Vlacherna, in the southern point of Kanoni peninsula.
Pontikonisi is extremely small, covered by Mediterranean vegetation and with an ancient Byzantine church.
Some white stairs will lead you to the small Pantokratoras church, where you can see marble gravestones of the XIII Century in commemoration of the Austrian empress Elisabeth.

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