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Cricket on our island has a centenary tradition. Today on Corfu island there are four different clubs that hand on the passion for this ancient sport.
The first cricket match in Corfu was played in 1823 between English Army and
the Royal Navy.
After that match local people become crazy for this game and first they challenged the English team, then they created two local teams on the island.
Time was passing and the number of cricket teams in Corfu started to increase. Today they organize tournaments every summer and in September there’s an important cricket festival with also the presence of a team from England and one from Malta.
In Corfu there are two different cricket play grounds.
The famous one, known for its stunning position, is the field placed in the centre of Esplanade, in the middle of the old town of Kerkyra, and it is used only for special events. The other one is placed in Kontokali Marina, it’s new and here take place more than 100 games every year.
This one is available for tourists who want to play this sport.

Diving in Corfu

For all those who love to have a diving experience into the Ionian sea, there’s the possibility to use several diving centers all around Corfu island.
During your stay in Kerkyra you’ll have the opportunity to discover the marvelous seabed of Corfù or, if you’re a beginner, just try some safe lessons.
The most charming areas are placed along the West coast of Corfu, near Paleokastrisa, where the sea is extremely clean and the fauna is very rich.
Very interesting are also several rocks near Vido small island, but you have to pay attention because this part of the sea is very crowded by boats.

Around Corfu there are many opportunities for sailing.
You can find any kind of boats available for tourists. Also inside Gouvia Marina you’ll find a Yatching Club that offers organized tours around Corfu.
With a sailing boat you can reach some stunning desert beaches and discover areas of Kerkyra that are accessible only by sea.
Corfu is not a very windy island, but during the afternoon, when the wind starts to rise up, it can be very beautiful to sail till a safe bay like Paleokastritsa, Benitses, Kassiopi or Lefkimni.
For its climate, the beauty of the sea and the moderate wind the island of Corfù is certainly the right place for all the beginners that like to start this marvelous sport. If you intend to take a sailing boat without the skipper, you must have the sailing license.

Water sports in Corfù
On the beaches of the most tourist villages of Corfu, like Sidari, Ipsos, Roda,’ll have always the possibility to practice any kind of water sports.
In fact you can find ski-jets, Ringos, water skiing, windsurf etc.
You can also take for rent amenities like pedaloes and kayaks to discover the coast of Corfu.

Tennis is a sport that during the last years became very popular all over Corfù island. Besides the biggest hotel structures, you can play it also inside many sport centers, inside private tennis clubs and at Corfu Tennis Club that is located in Kerkyra town.

Bicycle can be a good alternative to the car on Corfu Island especially if you like to discover itineraries, paths and lovely places that are difficult to reach with a big vehicle. Every year more and more people decide to spend their holidays using bicycles to discover the hinterland areas of Corfu that are less tourist and to find lonely places also during the high season.
In Corfu is very easy also to take a cycle for rent in any rentals shop that you’ll find all over the island.

Horse riding
For all those who love to ride, on Corfu island there are several riding centers where beginners can take lessons with qualified instructors.
It will be very nice to have an excursion through lonely places surrounded only by the Mediterranean nature.

In Corfu it is also possible to play golf as there’s a professional 18 holes course. This structure has been created along Ropa valley, just few kilometres far from Corfu town. The Corfu Golf Club is a new modern structure full of facilities for people who love this sport and for people who want to try for the first time.

Walk tracks in Corfu
Not everyone can love diving or horse riding, but everyone can appreciate a nice walk through the nature to discover old traditional villages, hidden lakes and mountain paths.
There are a lot of footpaths that connect hinterland villages in Corfu island and give the opportunity to admire beautiful landscapes, mountains, forests and coast areas surrounded by olive trees.
There are some excursions that cover the island of Corfù for its entire length and take several days walking, or some shorter that are no longer than 5 kilometres. Along all the walking tracks there are yellow signs CT (Corfu trail) that will indicate you the way.

Parachute is an exciting sport appropriate for who don't suffer from vertigo.
In the South part of Corfu island, along the West coast there is Aghios Gordios bay where you can find a parachute school that offers possibilities for any level of experience.
You will be at 400 metres altitude with an unforgettable view overlooking all Kerkyra island under the supervision of professional instructors.

Corfu Donkey Rescue
The first donkey arrived on Corfu from Malta in the 1800’s. Since then they have been imported from mainland Greece, Albania, Cyprus and Eastern European countries. Used for transportation of people and in agriculture, seasonally for the olive harvest, the Corfu donkeys have had to work very hard.
The rapidly declining use of the donkey on Corfu and throughout Greece renders the animals valueless except for export to the Italian meat markets.
Corfu Donkey Rescue’s main remit over the years has been to halt the exports by taking in the old, injured and sick donkeys and caring for them here.
We believe that after 20 years hard labour they deserve a peaceful retirement as opposed to being discarded in a variety of inhumane methods.
Through generous donations we have secured our own land, a large American Barn stabling complex and further shelters to house all the donkeys.
However, we still are in need of support buildings; hay barn, feed room, store room and other very necessary buildings. And obviously running costs have to be found. We cannot continue, let alone expand without financial support.
Please come and visit, see for yourself the work we do, and help us to help the donkeys. The new shelter is a beautiful place to spend a few hours to enjoy the peace and tranquillity that only a donkey can bring to a place.
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